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Come On England!
July 13, 2004

Well, we have finished something that pretty much began in May 2002. The last tour was fun and I think most performances were really good, some more than others, of course. It was nice to have such a great team behind us ( Tour Mgr, Ross Elliot, Driver, Derek, Meerch guy, Frazer, Sound guy, Kose, and backline technician, Troels), as well as the solid dedication from everyone in the LOVE band, in addition to the ensemble in Liverpool.

So, a note of thanks to everyone who came to the shows, to Lizzy and Tina for their dedicated filming of the shows, to Caryne’s typing efforts, to Josiah’s spiritual gifts, and to everyone who made the effort to buy a ticket and make it simply a very enjoyable positive experience. I know I began this a few weeks ago as a BIG BROTHER TOUR BUS diary but, sadly, I lost interest in that. My apologies. I am really concentrating on new LOVE stuff and writing and just music music music and also spending time with family and friends, whom I miss dearly. but also, of course, I miss England and all the great things and people about it.

And you know, just when my stomach gets used to the food, I gotta leave! But I must say I had a wonderful time! and on Saturday, Hannah, Ringo and Toni and I saw Michael Moore’s new film, which I really enjoyed, although I don’t think it went far enough. But it WAS priceless to see monkey boy (aka, Dubya) reading that book to those kidsand showing REAL leadership once his aids told him of the first plane crashing into the WTC. HE KEPT READING…FOR 7 MINUTES! if you didn’t vote in 2000, for whatever reason, you may wanna reconsider folks…this dude is on a mission…

And on that note, I must now pick up the guitar and play it…

Mike Randle


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