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Day 27 Cambridge Over Troubled Waters
February 29, 2004

Mike, Dave Chapple and Rusty meet some new (and old ) fans after the show.

Ok. we got to Cambridge and checked into our hotel…the same hotel we chcked into this time around last year. and guesss what? it was cold then and it’s cold now. some things never change. how i love England. so, after check in we chill for a bot. can’t nap. watch the news. Claire Short ratting out Blair. what else is new. everybody’s ratting out Blair and Bush. Richard asked a good question. who loses their election first; Blair or Bush? i said “election”, not “Erection” you right bastards! ok, enough of that (Richard is a damn bad influence) NEWS WIRE: RICHARD HAS SUGGESTED I CALL THE BIRMINGHAM DIARY “Birmingham Blitz!” see what happens when you watch Dr. Who…..OK OK OK OK OK……sooooooooothe KEYS were great and the people were a bit subdued but that didn’t take away from the fun. talked to David Housden afterwards and also some other LOVE fans. met a cool 11 year old named JOE who said i was his hero. imagine that. that’s JOE. Richard says,”well…he’ll grow up”…see….adult apathy at it’s worst. i was/am honored. thank you JOE. also, LOVE FAN Sharon gave me a nice key ring that says MIKE. thank you! after the show, me and Chap went to the Kebab cart (UNCLE FRANKS!!!!!!!) and got me and him Rusty chicken Kebabs. went back to hotel and crashed out….

“A satisfied father and son after the show.”

All pix by Dukie Anderson