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Day 4 (Sunday) Dukie Brings The Brains Again
July 2, 2004

Woke up at close to 3 pm with the bus pulling near Swansea. I’d slept so long and it felt great! Me and Chap had an argument but it got settled, I suppose, people do that on the road sometimes, disagree and stuff. We checked into the Marriott right by the sea and showered and chilled for a bit. Then, about 5pm, we walked over to the venue. Saw Dukie (who handed us two 4-packs of Welsh Ale, Brains), Caryne and a few other fans standing outside the venue, near the tour bus. We said ‘Hello’ signed some things and I also signed Dukie’s kid’s guitar (actually it wasn’t Dukie’s son!! CP) We then went to our dressing room and, not long after that, sound checked. Also saw Frazer for the first time in months! Was good to see old Frazer again. After the sound check, we kicked it on the bus and drank beers and wine. Was on stage by 9.30 and the crowd was a nice mix of young and old. A few people stage dived and caused the crowd to swell. Somebody knocked over a drink and it was spilling towards the stage cables when I tossed a towel down to clog it while Caryne did some extra work to stop it. (See this woman knows her place!! CP)

After the show we signed some autographs and hung out with The Keys. Saw an old LOVE fan from L.A. (I can’t say his name in print, as I don’t think he wants me to) and he kicked it on the bus a bit with us. Around midnight the bus pulled out and drove to York and we supped up all the Brains, about 8 hours ahead for us. I read some, wrote in my journal/diary and then hit the hay.