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Day 40 The Hand Off To Elenora (Part 2)
March 18, 2004

Photo by Elenora

Show time was 10.30. The club was about half full by the time we hit the stage. During the first song the Singer accidentally hit me with the tambourine tearing a bit of skin off my arm! But it turned out to be a good show. Afterwards there was a queue of fans waiting for autographs, so I signed a bunch and headed for Antony’s table. It was there that I met Elenora, who had a humongous (huge) Love poster and wanted our signatures on it. I obliged and then she confessed, ‘I read all your blogs, Mike Randle. I love them!’ I then corrected this bright, young, student who had jet black hair and a quasi-Ramones haircut, ‘My dear’, I said, ‘these are diaries, not blogs and don’t forget it!’ She said she understood and so I took her poster to the singer and the other guys and they signed it (I seldom do this, so don’t get any ideas!)

Later on, Elenora said she wanted to meet the singer, I brokered a deal which would allow me to seize an opportunity; she meets him and takes my ‘long hand’ diaries and types them up so the diary readers can continue to be entertained. We shook hands to seal the deal (only time will tell if she kept hers.) Still later, Rusty and I were at the club bar (some drunk Italian chick was chatting Squeezebox up) drinking beers and chasing them with Glen-Grant whiskey, I look over and Elenora was snuggling with her beau, poster in hand, smile on her face. Troels gave us last orders, as the bus was leaving. We all piled in, but no one could find Max! We started pulling off when we saw Max running for us, we let him onboard and we were back in the hotel in no time.

It was now 1am, I turned on the TV and there were commercials with phone numbers to call to talk to woman, as the numbers appeared on the TV screen woman were stripping, totally naked and posing in very interesting poses. Chapple and I discussed this; he expressed his displeasure at the woman being exploited, I disagreed. They are working, I argued, and have a choice. We agreed to disagree and I didn’t write this to wind Caryne up (just asked me to type it though! Caryne), she can email me anytime she wants, on most issues, it’s simply my opinion. If woman were dumb enough to call numbers and charge to their credit cards exorbitant prices, then men would be happy to take the job, but that aint the case. Men, sometimes, do stupid things for no reason at all. With that I bid the mountains farewell and hit the hay, local time, 2am.

Mike Randle


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