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Day 45 Brecon Em Off A Little Sumthin-Sumthin
March 20, 2004

Although I went to bed at 3am, I had no problem waking up at 8am. Took a walk around Wrexham and then I did the unthinkable; I went to McDonalds! But I was dying for pancakes. See pancakes are very American and I just about had it with these English breakfasts (Glenn’s girl, Jane, on the other hand LOVES English breakfasts, but she also likes Kylie Minogue, but that goes beyond the scope of this diary…)

Got back to the hotel at 10am to find Chris Helme in the lobby reading ‘Harry Potter’! Around this time a bloke showed up with some clothes Bent had sent to be dry-cleaned. The bill was around £130 and Bent nearly went into shock. Troels walked down and chats and I hopped in the bus, as to not witness the inevitable meltdown. Bus left Wrexham at about 11am, down the twisty, wacky, welsh roads, beautiful hilly countryside and sheep everywhere. We arrived at the ‘Brecon Castle’ (our hotel) about 2pm, to which I took a nice, relaxing, bath.

About 4.20pm I went down to the hotel bar for a halfer of lager and to read a book. Got a text from Caryne: ‘Mike, let’s meet up for a pint.’ Bent came downstairs and then we all headed off to sound check (Chris Helme was with us) Got to sound check and then we had some sandwiches (I had a yummy egg salad/cress) and washed it down with a Stella. And then it was then that Troels said something both profound and hilarious, when asked if he wanted a Stella, Troels turned the warm gesture down claiming to have stopped drinking; ‘I have been drunk now for two and a half months’, was his response.

So we finished sound check and I checked my mobile and found no less than six text messages from Caryne (This bit is not true – Caryne!!) Finally met up with Caryne and Dukie in the bar. Dukie bought me a pint, bless him. After the pints I saw Chris Helme at the bar trying to order a ‘Jack and Coke’, I offered to buy a round but was interrupted by a kind fan who bought Chris’ drink and another lager for the diaries. A Greek fan, Dimitrius, gave me a book (on Islands) and a bottle of wine.

Chris began his show (at half past eight) with an accapella song called ‘Be My Wife’. He blew through three other exceptional tunes before inviting Rusty and I onstage to sing backing and do guitar on ‘Only myself to blame’. When he finished his set, the crowd gave him a warm cheer.

Love hit the stage at 9.30 and we had a good time. Again the harmonica spot on ‘House’. After the show I said thanks and goodbye to Dukie and Caryne and went and chilled backstage. Frazer was taking too long with the shirts so Troels and I helped him pack up. Caryne texted me that she had found a kebab shop. We decided to try and find a Kebab by our hotel but it came to no such luck, we had to settle on a chicken joint. Bad choice. Ate the chicken and then was off to bed, about 2am.

Mike Randle


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