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Day 48 A Fine York Saturday
March 21, 2004

Couldn’t sleep a wink and woke up about 7am. Jo Anne was walking Taz so I hopped on the internet and read some US news. Same old stuff. Lies. Bush. Lies. Blair. More Lies. Poland now says it was lied to about the WMD. Really? So i went thru the various online news thingeez and then went downstairs and watched some “Charmed” with Jo. We then walked over to Ringo and Toni’s for breakfast. Rusty and Chapple didn’t make it, as they were still at Paul’s. Breakfast was great, pretty much a traditional English Breakfast, but homemade, which makes ALL the difference in the world (or so my stomach tells me). went back to Jo’s and then she drove me over to Chris Helme’s house adn then from 2pm till near 5pm, Chris and i recorded a song for BARSTOOL BLUES. The song is called “You belong to the Ocean.” Chris plays bongos on it and sings back-ups, as well as song electric guitar stuff. Got a ride back to Jo’s about 5:30 and then Jo and i had a cuppa tea and watched Jurrassic Park III, which was really scary and stuff, and then watched half of a movie called FALLING DOWN STAIRS, which Traci Green produced and also it’s the movie that has a lot of baby lemonade in it, as well as Dave Chapple’s old band “Harvette” and it also contains instrumental music i specifically wrote for the movie. after that went off we walked round to Ringo’s where there was plenty of food. The original idea was to make mexican food but that proved to be the difficulty so instead Rusty made Pizzas and we had salad and chips and salso and dip and guacamole and drank loads of Carlsberg Export. Scottish Steve drank rum with coke and guiness (yuk) and got really drunk. We finally succeeded in getting (Traci’s friend) Jade drunk…or close to it. And she got really funny. And boy wasnt Traci Greena riot! Stevie loaned me his Bo Selecta DVD but i had to restring his 12-string acoustic guitar (which was a bitch!) in exchanged. finally left Ringo’s about 10 minutes after Jo left. I got confused and Stevie gave me the wrong directions to Jo’s house. The right bastard! He was writing songs in the other room while we were all getting drunk so maybe he was distracted? was off to bed around 2am.

Mike Randle


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