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Day 59 Second Day Off In Madrid
April 7, 2004

Don’t know if it was the long tour or maybe just my emotional state that brought this flu on but one thing is certain, fun it aint. I woke up about 9am and finally the sun was shining! I washed up, dressed and took a short walk. The weather was warmer than yesterday but still a bit chilly. I grabbed a bite and a ‘USA Today’ (Lakers have won 9 in a row!!) and came back to hotel. At noon, Ingrid text’d to see if I wanted lunch at 3pm. I text’d back I was still weak but could be counted on assuming it wasn’t fat to travel. And then I watched even more CNN (boring)

Napped until 2pm and was awoken by Ingrid’s call for lunch. So we were to meet 20 minutes from her call so I got myself together as best I could. All day, the sun’s been playing ‘tag’ with the clouds and the rain has been teasing but, all in all, today has the feel of a nice day. Drifted off again when another call came from Ingrid, who, along with Lolo, was waiting in the hotel lobby. This was about 9.30pm. Lolo and Ingrid took us to a cool Spanish restaurant where we ate fish, salad and beef with a cheese sauce. From there we walked over to a bar, but I forgot its name, and had a shot of tequila. Then we went over to the ‘Tupperware Bar’ which is easily my favourite in all of Spain. As the time inched closer to 2am, they hailed a taxi for me and within minutes I was back at the Hotel Castillas, showered, packed and crashed into the pillows.

Mike Randle


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