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Mike Randle


Day 62 Travel To Camber Sands
April 7, 2004

Woke up at about 9:30 am, and went down to the breakfast area where I saw Glenn and Jane eating. went back up and showered and got my things together. around 11am, saw everyone downstairs, including the Fulham footballers, who were checking into our hotel (as their gorgeous wives waited at the bar). The bus showed up and then 3 hours later we were in Camber Sands. Troels, Chapple, Kose and i found a pub and watched the race horse (the grand something or other) and then went back to our hotel and watched some LOVE video loops that Thurston Moore had made. later on, Chap and I caught an amazing LE TIGRE set (they rule!) and then we kicked back and watched AMERICAN BEAUTY (great film, eh?) and chilled. went to sleep at about midnight. Pissing down outside, the wind blowing like mad.

Mike Randle


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