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Day 64 Home Is Where The Heart Is
April 7, 2004

Chapple’s alarm went off about 5:45 and i lay stretched out and loopy, too tired to think and too confused to know why. The bus came about 6:45 and then we were off and on our way, winding thru slow, twisting, narrow English roads untill finally hitting the big city London traffic and then Heathrow airport, a place i know ALL to well. We checked in about 10am and then Rusty and I had sandwiches and waited for our gate. it was finally annouced and it was so far i thought for a moment that maybe we were flying out of Wales. Before boarding, got a nice text from Jackie and Manny and Hilary. Got on the plane and actually slept thru the take off; i was either THAT tired or it was THAT smooth. I woke up an hour later and watched some Alan Partidge (his Paul and Pauline Calf characters!) and then ate some food and had some juice. Watche a movie called SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE and found it completely brilliant and even had to hide the tears from everyone else, as it was so sad at times. napped off and on for 5 hours and when it was 5 hours left, i slep a solid 3 hours. We ate another meal and then the plane landed. Rusty and I got picked up by his Swedish sister-in-law, Onnika, and his 2 nephews (Alex and Nicolaus,ages 7 and 11) and niece (Maya, age 7, the twin of Alex). She dropped us off at Rusty’s place (he lives 15 min from the airport) and it was a great, beautiful southern California day. The ocean looked clear and clean and the breeze was like a wonderful soft bossom. I left Rusty and went across town to see Julian, who was in the bath and very excited to see me, as i was to see him! So we hung out for a bit (his mum ran some errands) and played with his toys and talked and laughed and it was just good to be back. he said he understood that i was working but i promised him never to leave again for such a long time. and he smiled and we played with his hotwheels and he broke, after 10 min., a cool toy car that Jo Anne had bought him. somethings never change! So then i went back and looked at a possible new aprtment and then, after that, Rusty and I went to Gilberts. Rusty had 2 tacos, rice and beans. i had the enchilada rice and beans. we split a carraffe of strng margharitas and , again, it was great ti be back in southern cal. after that we went down to the Tavern, on main street, whereour friends, Alia and Aiden were bartending. After several pints i fessed up to Aiden that i used her name in a song (from CITY LIFE: “Aiden’s taking last call/ back up on the stairs/ if you’re ok, if you’re alright/ why you even care?”) and she seemed real happy about that so i didn’t feel so bad…then Aiden bought Rusty and i shots of Jack and well then i knew it was closing time for me. i paid my bill and left Rusty down there to fend for himself. Alia told me i could rent her extra room (she lives 7 blocks from rusty so that’s 11 blocks from the beach, or a good 15 min walk to the beach) if i wanted but she has cats and, not only am i really allergic to cats but i sneeze just THINKING about them (please, no remedies..let me be allergic!) so i think that’s out, although it would be ideal to live there. So i tried to see if she’s chuck the cats (sorry cat lovers) and so i am waiting to hear back from her. My plan to move in with Probyn got nipped whe he changed his mind but did say if i need a play for a few weeks in May i can crash at his place. Oh bless him, huh? so i staggered up the 4th street hill, turned on Ashland and soon was getting beding ready for the couch. i tried to watch some tv (Curb Your Enthusiasm, season 1) but the jet lag seemed to be a tough customer and soon i was dozing in LA LA land. in was monday, my first day back. and i’d had mexican food and gone ot one of my favorite watering holes. all that was left was to wake up the next morning and walk out and see the pacific ocean first thing in the morning. but that would have to wait, as it was 2am when i stopped writing in my journal.

Mike Randle


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