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Day 74 Thirsty Thursday
April 16, 2004

Woke up at Lisa’s at about 8 am. She was already up and turned the radio on (she likes it on in the morning). I kinda laid there on the couch and told her the dream I had last night, about Loraine. Lisa was off to work by 8:15 and, after a shower and shave, I was on the road by 8:30. Now, leaving Mount Washington (which is the north-east Hollywood hills, just east of Silverlake) in the morning ain’t easy, due to traffic. i took the “2” fwy from San Fernando road and go off at (i forget the name) the 1st exit cause traffic was bad. i made a wrong turn but then wound up on Silverlake Blvd. I missed the Parkman turn off and had to settle for temple street. i went opposite the big downtown buildings (and thus avoiding the crack houses) and wound up on Beverly blvd, which i totally knew. i went to melrose and la brea for tea and surfed the net. did that till about 10:30am then went down fairfax and meant to get on the Santa Monica Fwy but got in the right turn lane on Venice blvd by mistake and so i had to get on the fwy at la cienega and venice. i took that to the 5th street exit (in Santa Monica) and took 5th to broadway, made a right, then broadway to 7th, made a left, and then 7th street to Santa Monica blvd., made a right. parked in the first meter i saw, put 75 cents in the meter and went to TRUETONE (www.truetonemusic.com) to goof off on guitars, which i did for a good while. then Rusty called my mobile and i said i would grab some grub and come over his house. i left truetone and went to CHA CHA CHICKEN for some jerk chicken and plaintains. this place is great. it’s about 200 ft south of Chez Jay (opposite side of street) and is on ocean blvd and pico. try it out. and while i was waiting, (Love LA trumpet/flutist) Dan Klucas gave me a ring and we chatted about music and ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES and stuff and he’s a jolly fine fellow, that Dan. Went up to Rusty’s and ate the food then we watched a DVD of a great movie that i liked, SEABISCUIT, and then i went down to mainstreet to the post office while Rusty went out and had dinner with Roland and Ayumi Kim (see diaries from Spet, Oct) after the post office, i stopped by the TAVERN for a couple of mints. called a friend and have like an hour chat that was real funny and refreshing. after that, i wenr back up to rusty’s place and his housemate, Jason, was watching hockey. after that went off Jason and I watched “Secretary”, which i really like as a film (I’ve seen it twice). Some people say it’s misogynist in nature, that film. i find that assertion ridiculous. but to be honest, i COULD use a secretary like that who likes being spanked. so Jason and i had some beers and watched more television. and then Alia called and said, hey Mike, when you going to the Tavern, and i said, well, i’ll be down there before 10pm. and so i was down there and ordered a pint and a hamburger and then Alia and Rusty showed up and had drinks as well. i struck up a conversation with a woman who was 100% california dumb blonde. it was comical. but we all had our drinks and then Rusty and I split and it was near 2am and after that many pints it was most certainly bedtime. Tomorrow i was to get Jules from school. I rented a hotel in Santa Monica that has a heated pool cause Julian really wanted that. and then this weekend i am in the studio finishing my record (or trying to) so days 75 (friday), 76 & 77 may not get posted till monday. and on that note, bed calleth…