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Dear Usa Barstool Blues Friends
July 30, 2004

… First off, a HUGE thanks again to The New Guy for getting those MP3s up there and the massive amount of feedback we got! (I am still answering the emails and I appreciate each one so, by all means, feel free to say what you want…was especially flattered by the Radiohead comparison! But I think my friend, Kerry’s comparison to Dennis Wilson touch me to no end. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Wilson familyONLY BEING fan!) As you may (or may not?), Barstool Blues, for now, is ONLY BEING RELEASED IN THE UK ( & Europe.) There is no US label (see how we get treated?) as of yet. I COULD broker a deal but It wouldn’t be in my best interest so I’ll wait. In the meantime, if you live in the USA or Canada, for a very limited time you can buy copies of the record starting NOW. After these are all sold you’ll have to buy them from England; I don’t expect them to come out in the USA before November, at the earliest (honest), if at all before 2005. (as an example of the fools I have to deal with, one label – a small label -asked me “where are the hits?” to which I answered, “…as if you’d even know what to do with one…”)

That said, friends, I have arranged to sell copies (EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION) of Barstool Blues here in the good ol USA. That means, if you buy it it will ship in a matter of days from when we receive it (which will be next week.) I want to keep costs down (which ain’t easy; they are imports, you know) and I want YOU to have this record.

We are accepting PAY PAL and checks. You can either go to www.mikerandle.com and make your purchase or send a check (MADE OUT TO MIKE RANDLE) to:

The New Guy
2525 Main street
box 118
Santa Monica, CA 90405

$15 is the cost for Barstool Blues. This includes shipping and handling in the USA only. (Canada, please add $1 USD or a Creemore Springs)

for payment by check, email travelsongs@yahoo.com HOWEVER, AUG 5-14 please email thenewguy@mikerandle.com AS WELL, to ensure prompt delivery! Remember to put BARSTOOL BLUES in the Subject so it doesn’t get mistook for porn.

Please add $1 per CD for any additional CDs that ship in your order.

Possible Mike Randle solo UK tour in late October. (will keep you posted)

Thank you SO very much to everyone who continues to make music still means something by supporting new music! And also to The Freedom Man for continuing to allow music freedom to ring…and to LOVE and BABY LEMONADE supporters everywhere (even in New Jersey.)

ALSO: UK reviewers, please contact Ochre Records (www.ochre.co.uk)

USA reviewers, there aren’t any promos but provided you are patient, I plan to buy a Cd burner and promise to do a cute cover (not joking) and stuff and can get you one but i’m thinking around September. sorry. but if anything changes, you’ll be the first to know.

Mike Randle


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