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Down But Not Out (Or I Was Sick And Still Drinking!!) A Bristol Diary. — By Caryne
February 12, 2004

Well, I very nearly didn’t make this one, two days of the ‘cough from hell’ had made me totally knackered and it was just as well I didn’t have tickets for Exeter or Falmouth because I couldn’t have made them! Anyway, two days off work (which had a bonus because I was able to buy tickets to see The Pixies when they went on sale at 9am yesterday morning) and lots of cough suppressant (wow, that stuff makes you feel weird) and I made it. I’d posted on the board for pub at 5.30pm so thought I’d better be there. Over eager, as always, no-one showed till 6.30pm, so spend a lonely hour on my own looking like I’d been stood up! Dukie, after some last minute train arrangements, finally arrived and drinking began. It was good to meet Tim (Blue Meanie) as it was his first ‘Love’ gig, well impressed that 23 year old’s are still discovering ‘Love’ for the first time, truly it has a universal appeal? Steve 64 had said he’d make it but didn’t see him there or at the gig, so hoping all is ok? Mike ‘bounced’ in (well, it seemed like he ‘bounced’!) with a guy who was doing an interviuew with him, no idea who he was but seemed like a nice bloke and said he’d send a copy of the interview to ‘The Castle’. Mike (coward) declined my suggestion of a pint of cider – Huh, he’s in the west country he should know what to drink! Quick enough with the kebabs but can’t handle the hard stuff, eh? A few pints later we get over the the venue, just in time to catch the end of ‘The Keys’ set – oh well, missed ’em again but the last track sounded just fine. I hate all Academy venues (time for my rant) the petty rules (‘Are you carrying any foodstuffs?’ ‘No, it’s just my cough medicine!’), the miserable security, filthy toilets and crap, overpriced, beer. Bristol Academy is just typical and added to that the view of the stage is crap – unless you are at the front or on the balcony. I opted for the balcony (see, I told you I was ill) and the gig was bloody excellent. Ok, I preferred the, sweaty, more intimate gig at Cardiff, but it was still pretty damn fine. Arthur was on top form with the hecklers and ‘Rainbow in the Sky’ is still growing nicely. Another fine, long, version of ‘Signed DC’ (I really think that is my favourite song, especially how it’s being played at the moment) was a high point. I may be wrong but I’m sure they started ‘August’ and then stopped when Arthur said he didn’t want to sing it but we did get a sublime ‘Message to Pretty’ instead. Only one encore, ‘Between Clark and Hilldale’, but after three gigs in a row I know they’re getting tired – still a two day break till Saturday should help. Keep going I got those three days in Pontins (Camber Sands) booked!! Final thing, it seems, according to the ‘Bristol Evening Post’, we have a new guitarist, I quote; ‘The excellent Baby Lemonade, who are the new Love, were in superb form and teenage guitarist, Mike Rendle, just gets better and better.’ Well, what more can I say?!!!!!

—All Pix By Dukie Anderson

Mike Randle


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