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Get On The Bus, 2004
January 30, 2004

Well, i spoke to our sound guy last night, Kose, and we wil be seeing him in a few days, along with (tour Mgr) Bent and (Stage technician) Tchoels (pronounced “choolz”). Since these guys are all Danish we call them TEAM DENMARK! Our first order of business, once in the Queen’s land, is to get our Superbowl pool together. If you may recall, we watched last year’s Superbowl at our hotel in Manchester. Kose was about to collect the pot of money (which had contributions from the Singer, the band and most of the Swedes) when Rich Gannon threw an interception with 6 seconds left in the game!

The pass was returned for a touchdown, in effect, changing the final score and making Rusty the pools winner! We all kinda felt bad for Kose… This gives us all a chance to relax before we undertake this serious trek across the land. i think i am all packed…and yesterday was the last day in the studio for now so i can concentrate on playing a little guitar before leaving…

Mike Randle


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