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January 12, 2004

I read the entire sports page this morning. i read about how le bron james is playing the lakers tonight. yep. 1 against 5. le bron against the lakers. not the cleveland cavs. just him. should be interesting. i read how stupid (st louis coach) mike martz is. his dumb decisions cost his rams a loss in the playoffs and a trip to the couch to watch the rest off the teams that are left, play for thatspecial trip to the superbowl.

i also read how bret favre (pronounced FAR VUH) threw up a silly pass and got it intercepted and now hes not going on to the superbowl. i read about how the angels outdid the dodgers and signed vladi guererro to their team. dumb dodgers. always the brides maid, never the bride. i read all this. where? IN TRAFFIC! LA traffic has become almost as bad as manhattan. too many cars, not enough roads. and with all the unemployment, how can so many people afford to drive?

well, ladies and gentlemen, light your cigars, kick your feet up and go get those parade permits; WE GOT HIM! and it only cost 268 billion dollars! the invasion, um, WAR is still as strong as ever but WHO CARES! we got him! we got him! we got him! the elementary school down the street cant afford for the janitor to show up till noon so first graders are encouraged, no, TOLD, to HOLD IT till recess. otherwise, a teacher has to interupt class and escort the student to the toilet, assessing the time lost against that kids recess time. you wee you pay. this is the cute side of bushes NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT. see, there aint no MONEY for this little cute program so its sort of an empty gesture; or full bladder, depending on where yer sitting. and, in case you are wondering, children do not have constitutional rights in the USA.

and, ill be dang but one of the ex members of our wonderful presidents cabinet has written a book and basically is calling bush out of the loop, says cheney runs everything, says bush was concerned that THE RICH WERE GETTTING TOO MUCH FROM HIS ADMINSTATION to which cheney told him to chill out babe. not only that but, get this; they wanted to take Saddam out since DAY ONE of his presidency, said to FIND A WAY and immediate started to figure out the oil business things in teh aftermath of an invassion. hmmm…i know whatyer thinking…le bron against the lakers…ok..no….you are probably thinking this;

isnt that a deliberate attempt to skirt CONGRESSz permission for an act of war? ok, i am probably just too silly to comprehend all this. and too paranoid. no one in my government would ever do something liek that and we Americans are way to smart to had by a bunch of oil bandits, right? right? hello? is anybody out there? so i had these thoughts on my mind as i saw a lorry carrying CHEVRON oil hit a woman in her BMW. he was challenging her for the merge and, though she was LEGALLY right, she nearly became DEAD right. and so, how fitting that i must end this diary and drive to the studio to do my guitar overdubs on these new LOVE tunes. and this being the 400th diary entree, though not all from me, but mostly. and whether its about me and my burger or how useless i think bush is or traffic or the Singer, or YOU or british MOTO sandwiches, or vegan esspresso drinks or wacko jacko or proper bo or any of a number of things, its always nice to know that we can all laugh together and share the music together.