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London Calling
June 19, 2004

Well, very soon I’ll be landing in the big smoke and, again, screwing up your weather. I don’t care WOT the weather’s like now, as i’ve said many times, the sun doesn’t have a chance once i touch down! My doctor has recommended i walk a few miles a day (which i have been doing for a week now), as i was having difficulties sleeping or i was sleeping but no matter how much sleep i got, i was STILL tired. This was tied to poor diet (i refuse to cook in the kitchen cause the cat hairs are everywhere…even in the bloody microwave!), and too much caffeine i think. Also, had been thirsty every minutes of the day, and the hot dry weather here don’t help. Throw various stress induced personal problems and you have a Mike Randle 19th nervous breakdown. But i made it out ok. And hey, i may be quite skint now (divorce ain’t cheap, keep that in mind) but the future DOES look brighter and i think my luck has held up quite well (knock on Dubya’s head, i mean wood…oh, same diff, right?) So, on some of these walks i see Jazmaan drive to work or his wife or him driving his lovely daughter to school (i think she’s 15?) and he even offered me a ride but, see i declined as i was keen to ‘stay the course’ as our astute leader so proudly puts it when asked how much longer we gonna get our asses kicked in Iraq. oh dang, The New Guy has been nice enough to help run my site www.mikerandle.com and if you go to the NEWS part and click it, scroll down, the lyrics for BARSTOOL are there. i know, it’s a tease huh cause you ain’t heard it. Well, Scottish Keith has a copy (burned from the studio) and he hasn’t even bothered to friggin listen, which makes me think he HAS and doesn’t want to tell me he hates it! Oh, guess what? Teenage Fanclub go on right before us Aug 8 at Benecassin in SPAIN!!!!! the bigest festival in all of Spain! Or at least that’s wot Hannah told me (the TFC part) so i hope that holds true. Now wasn’t that a funny newsletter from Red Telephone? Well, get used to wackiness on a regular basis, as our Manager, Glenn Povey, has a funny sense of humor (especially when he writes checks), although not EVERYONE gets his sense of humor. Just ask Troels. (inside joke). Now, everyone knows i hate cats (did imention i have been having a wonderful time torturing the cats with a water pistol?) so what does LOVE FAN, Sharon do but go and name her Kitten RANDLE and THEN sends me the CUTEST fotos of the little feline! How could i even dream of feeding Randle to a mountain Lion? No fair, Sharon! and she also through in some cute fotos of her kids! say, whatever happened to those people who used to ask for advice? they must have figured out i’m the last guy you want advice from! Well, i don’t know about you but i plan to visit John E’s bookstore, “Mid Heavan”, in ISlington. I plan to take it easy but i always like to stop by and shoot the shat, as they say. wait, who’s says that, actually? So, these upcoming shows should be fun and, gee, i don’t want to get anyone’s hopes TOO high (you KNOW how this band is!), but i do believe several new tunes are gonna get played this time around. but don’t hold me to that. we ARE ready. Also, waiting to hear back from the label the EXACT street date for theofficial release of BARSTOOL BLUES. i know if you ordered it you’ll get it before it hits the shops. C’mon gang, lets commit ourselves to making this record EXTREMELY successful. it would mean a lot to me. and I could afford to tour with a trio and play more towns and stuff. so, i am asking everyone to email everyone else and email that person who emails that person and convince them to make me successful. the benefits to this are endless. I WILL bask in the arms of success and YOU will have the noble standing of being the one who put me in that position. I would never forget. And considering Britians fondness for supporting deabeats (See: Royal Family…iAnd i hear they are kissing each other in Public! What next, Cabbage Patching on the Buck Pal steps?) Something to ponder…

Mike Randle


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