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The Coup Has Been Neutralized
June 23, 2004

Where it all began………

The Diary was temporarily out of service recently due to an ‘unchecked’ sampling of Lager and spirits, followed by jet lag and an inability to rest. Fortunately, there was no costume malfuctions. But, from the moment Rusty dropped me off at LAX at 5pm saturday, life became wacky. But I made it ok and that’s all a guy can ask for. So, i figured, there’s a pint waiting for me on the other end. And, God willing, an empty Barstool. As a matter of fact, when I go to a pub and see and empty seat at the bar, i point to the sky – BARRY BONDS STYLE – and thank the man upstairs for looking out for me. Now, the ‘man upstairs’ means a lot to me. Sometimes i can be a bit of a bad boy with my guitar and stuff and he’s always understanding. Oh wait, you meant, THAT man upstairs? No, i meant Mr. Illson, in 403, upstairs from my apartment. He never complains and that makes it easy for me to consentrate on writing and what not. So, when i thank the man upstairs, well, you know what I mean. (I can’t speak for Barry) So, i was right knackered and had to call on Hannah to save the day. Hopefully, she did a good job; the Diary has certain principles to uphold and don’t take lightly some novice stepping in and taking hold of the steering wheel. but the kid seemed up for the job. and so I let her give it a shot and i kinda liked it. See, the trick is to take the complete mundane and bring it to the light. Because, to me, that’s what interest me in life. I like hearing about people who bowl and grow potatoes in their garden. So, back to saturday. I get to LAX to find that Glenn had me booked on LAST NIGHT’S flight so i had to buy another ticket and then the flight was delayed 6 hours. Then the time was moved up. Then some passengers were missing so they had to get their luggage off. it was that messy. Oh, the LAX bartender gave me free pints cause he felt bacd for me. They NEVER do that, the fascist bums. So, the flight leaves LAX about 11pm saturday and lands about 6pm sunday. Hannah met me at the airport and then we took a taxi to my hotel where we met up with my VERY GOOD SPEACIAL AWESOME TREMENDOUS friend of all friends, Jackie, for pints! That was good fun and i believe everything after that has been documented. But that was the story BEHIND the story! And i cannie wait for Kose and Troels to arrive, you know? If any of you know Kose, you know he’s a charming Dane and he has that, “Yeah man, but come on” and also that, “Goddam Kose, let’s go man” as he talks to himself at soundcheck. Yep, cannie wait…

Mike Randle


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