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This Mid Summer’s Dream
June 9, 2004

Well, I had written The Freedom man a diary that didn’t quite make it to him and only came out as 1 or 2 sentences (how embarrassing?) So then I gather the 2nd of the 2 shall make it to print shortly, which would be the 5th thru 11th song synopsis of Barstool Blues. I’ll promise to give songs 1 thru 4 very soon. had to reorder checks, down to the last one. must pick up gift for Julian (he turns 5 June 14) and his party is the 13th. we leave for England about a week later. Will be good to see Troels and Kose. we miss them! Spent the weekend going to see SLOAN on saturday and then we boys went to LAs Vegas. i didn’t lose much ($25) and mostly went to relax by the pool by day and jacuzzi by night. we stayed at our friends’ , Dennis and Dori’s house and we BBQ’d and everything. then yesterday, we drove back to LA, to Daddyo’s house and BBQ’d again and watched the LAKER game. Darian came by and ate with us and even had a beer and he didn’t think we’d win the game but i told Darian, watch; Kobe will hit a 3-pointer, send the game into overtime and win it. and that’s exactly what happened! and so now the series goes to detroit for games 3,4, and 5 and the series is tied 1-1. sounds good to me. make it interesting, Lakers, for all the laker-haters out there! Well, feel like i haven’t slept in years, yet i have spelt at least, 8 hours each night. so will certainly get much-needed sleep on the flight over. Looking forward to seeing the gang again, the 7 & 7 IS crew, and Josiah and Hannah (who i have a kebab date with!) as well as the rest of the gang. Oh, speaking of Hannah, seems that gal has a birthday ringing up 14 June as well! So there we have it, LOVE comes back to Wales and England, most likely for the last time this year.

Mike Randle


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