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Mike Randle


Whiny Wednesday
May 13, 2004

Robbie or Charlie????

So, the morning was usual…coffee at Velocity Cafe and then back home to work on writing some new songs. cleaned up, got lunch and then ran some errands. pretty dull stuff. nothing like the other adventures! then I headed to Hollywood to take Scott his heavy-ass Wurlitzer keyboard and then i went over to Julian’s and i watched him while his mum went out and she got back about 9m. we watched cartoons and then i helped him with his homework and read him a book. the new guy called to make sure we got the thanks you card his kid made my kid. we had. and so i thanked him. and then rusty called. you coming to the Tavern, Mike? i said, yep. took la Cienega south to the 10 fwy and exited 4th street, the last exit before the beach. was at the Tavern in no time. and so, there I sat waiting for a beer but the bartender, charlie (who looks just like Robbie Williams, i swear it), just looked at me. so I assured ol Charlie this wasn’t the “6th Sense” and that i wasn’t Bruce Willis and it was ok to pour me a pint. to which he snapped out of it (he was watching the Dodger game…over my head) and the pint came. we watched the Timberwolve game (they lost, the bastards) and then i gave Rusty a life at 11;30 home and then i drove home and it was then that Alia got to the Tavern asking if i was gonna come down. i textd back, I WAS ALREADY THERE! played some guitar and keyboard, drank a beer (Alia had went to Trader Joes and picked up some beer), read a little Wilde and hit the hay.

Mike Randle


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