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American Pasttime
October 12, 2005


Well, I ain’t chatted lately about baseball but I must admit to being a big fan. Although I am a (tired) Dodger fan, it’s nice to see the Angels in post-season play. They got the Yankees on the ropes 2 games to 1, in a best-of-five series. San Diego got swept by St. Louis and what did you expect? I am hoping for a Houston Astros-Angels World Series but i’d settle for a Chicago Whitesox-Houston game. ANYTHING but the stale Atlanta Braves and the Boring St. Louis Cardinals. If baseball has any brains, they’d look to our politicians for inspiration and find a way to FIX the games so the outcome was the most finacially viable. Wouldn’t be the first time methinks.

Is it me or is like HALF of the players in this years’ playoffs former Dodgers? The Blue Crew had better get it together. Sadly, this is the first year i missed a game ina good while. i used to get to atleast one game. One morning, Jazmaan had an extra ticket but i had my kid with me so i couldn’t make it. And they were great seats as well. Dang.

Everyone in the LA media, when they’re not speculating on when LA’ll get a football team and if Kobe and Phil will get along, is wondering if/when Dodger manager, JIM TRACY will get sacked. Then I hear that he’s now with the Pittsburgh Pirates. They must be excited over there. Then again, they’re used to mediocrety over there, huh?

Well the weather is still near, albeit, a cool down every other day. I’ve taken to putting a blanket over the edge of my bed to stop the draft at nice. Can’t really afford to run the heater this spring so it’s either i get creative or freeze.

I’ve been very busy with this job i’ve taken but the other guys have picked up my slack and have been working in the studio. i have to pop down soon and finish some parts but it’s going great and Rusty’s singing all the lead. I’ve been happy to just write and play acoustic, and maybe some little knick knack guitar stuff. We’ve saved the juicy lead areas for my Echols.

Finishing up a load of lyrics. i know there are hundreds of emails to return. i do eventually get round to them all, lord knows how long it’ll take.

Well my boy Julian, this December will be halfway to 7 years old. I pugged the electric in, put some serious saturation and delay on and let him wail away for about 20 minutes (i taped it as well) and some of it sounds like Sonic Youth outtakes…i’m serious…he plays like Adrian Belew after drink-binging with Pete Doherty…

Is the rumours true about JAY-Z trying to buy a peice of Arsenal? He owns loads of stock in Polygram Records (which is why he ain’t afraid of Beyonce’s pops…”say what pops? You got money? I GOT MONEY.”) boy, dating her must be a full time job…

well its been awhile for these here diaries. i surely will try my best to keep them interesting.

TA TA for now!

Mike Randle


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