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Dream On Until Your Dreams Come True 
July 21, 2005

Firstly, I want to say I like a respect WAXBURN’s posts. I would though mention that being a HUGE fan of Shuggie Otis’ (hey, listen to my song, CITY LIFE. That’s MY tribute to Shuggie!), I think it would be beyond silly to think he would waste his time. Also, I think (and I don’t say this from EGO but from reality) people need to listen to any live recordings they can from 1976 to 1993 (post Love/pre Baby Lemonade) and see that, HELLO, man, Arthur can come back as ANYONE can come back but HWO’S GONNA SAVE HIM? Who’s gonna see to it he actually shows up, catches the music cues, and tells him 40% of the lyrics that he can’t remember? Now I respect Waxburb but even I GET suspicious when someone post these calm, “he’ll be ok, no worries, maybe we can get Eddie van Halen to help out” posts. Man, that tells me that either a) people don’t realise what’s going on or b) they’re in total denial or c) they completely are clueless to the role that Rusty has played in Arthur’s stage life the last 2 years really. or the role we’ve played. i would welcome a stage show from him so that it would maybe put some of this to rest. in LA, there’s a lot of people that would love to see a clown act. all that racial crap and sexiest bull and just complete disrespect for the people who work at the venues, people who have families, just all that crap. Shuggie Otis would come backl for that? And what about the money? the money will now be HUGE levels down, as there is no longer a booking agent thanks to Signed A. Lee. That means more than is worth printing.

I WISH a pie-in-the-sky post would change that but it doesnt. and it also doesnt bode well that the SF venue demanded money back to cover refunds. to the tune that most music fans make in a month. unless Shuggie Otis is a complete and utter Idiot, i doubt you’d see any one on that stage other than someone who likes abuse. Cause the days of making a living are gone…with THAT band atleast. (or with HIM atleast) cause see, every bridge that wasn’t burned before Gene Kraut got involved in helping resurrect the group, has now been burned to the ground after WE worked so hard to build it up after the endless promises from a guy who had spent 5 years inprison and told me he was through being a con and was set to do it right and fair and properly and i believed him. And i was cheated, taken advantage of, lied to, threatened, made to feel miserable and the subject of such a weird and twisted jealousy thing (why would HE be jealous of ME? crazy innit?) it almost makes you raise an eyebrow as to why. Each guy left his respective job only to be used for finacial gain. Anyone is welcome to look at it how they please but put yourself in our shoes and i think you’ll see it a bit more clearly. I have no beef saying this publically cause it can’t be disputed. And it’s the precise conversation i had with his royal highness 2 weeks before the SF gig. i tried to be a mate and say, hey, yer going the wrong way. lets right the ship otherwise guys aint gonna be around to watch him make a fool out of himself onstage. And, by and large, we were prompting teh guy up for the last 6 months like “Weekend at Bernies.” Think that sounds terrible? that’s maybe 6% of the truth. Don’t count on Shuggie. Now maybe he can do a band with Leon Hendrix. That would be interesting….

Now, i wasnt writing this to for it to be a dis but, hey, i feel slighted when i read something like that. “Well, the old boy’ll brush himself off and get TomeJones.” it’s like full denial of what the stage situation has been. Ok, how about we shed more light, ok? Anyone who was at the SF shows, when Arthur appeared to be singing, HOW MANY OF YOU WERE AWARE that Rusty was to the right of the stage, hiden behind a speaker, singing lead vocals? How many? cause nobody posted it. But it happened. And it’s TRUE. he was hidden so you couldnt ses his lips. you heard the SOUND but it wasn’t coming out of Arthur’s mouth. And our excellent Sound guy (who’s now on tour with Nine Black Alps, Pete Magdelena) appropriately blended things so we would have been kicked off the bill (the club still legal obliged us to give back a portion of our pay due to Arthur’s pathetic performance, but see, ya didn’t know that, didja?…i have the email as proof. as a matter of fact i have proof of every charge i make, which is possibly why no one has bothered me about any of this…someone doesn’t want you to see or hear any of this and i don;t blame them. it would sadden and sicken you…)

So, i’m convinced, no matter what, someone will still hold out hope that maybe ted Nugent will show up and start a super group with him. of course, what would be really nice if someone suggested he pay back the money the musicians in the group is owed that was lost due to his chickening out of tour with us at the airport, minutes from borading the plane. THAT would be something. if someone has the balls to get a man to cover his responsiblities i wouldnt mind seeing that. YOU have to go to work right? YOU are expecting to show up and be part of the team and be rewarded AFTER you’ve done the job. Unless some of you work for the royal family, where it’s not only ok for them to be narcissist vampires but it is ENCOURAGED, i might suggest a more healthy approach and realistic view to this guys future. that’s not a slight but a real, serious opinion. i almost feel like our big mistake was playing even better, the worst he got. At Spaceland last year we should have played like shit. cause people actually walked away thinking, “he was fucked up but it sounded great!” So, let it be said not once but twice: THE COMFORT YOU ONCE DEMANDED IS NOW MANDATORY. the next time you see ol Artie, folks, will be with whoever he has convinced to help him out. more power to him and remember, no refunds.

all the best,

Mike Randle


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