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Mike Randle


Happy And Healthy 2006 To All


May everyone be well and prosperous and don’t forget to laugh! I have been very busy with a variety of things and the future does look much better than it did just a few months ago. I want to extend a big thanks to every one of you who either came out to the July shows or emailed us moral support. Also to my friends, home and abroad, who have helped me when I needed it the most when I was down and really needed help.

This year will see some wonderful new additions to the world, including David “Daddyo” Green and Traci Green’s expectant kid (Feb ’06!) and Michael “Ringo” Harrison and Toni Harrison’s expectant (Feb ’06 as well.) Both Rusty’s lady (Lucy) and my gal (Hannah) will be moved to L.A. for good in the next few months. The good Lord hasn’t made it easy but he HAS made it good. Great music things to come with the best guys on the planet, Rusty, Chapple, and Daddyo. Still Baby Lemonade after all these years.

Watch this space and to all a goodnight!

All the best,

Mike Randle


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