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Scottish Keith Resurfaces
January 25, 2005

Well, you know it’s nearly drinking time when Keith starts emailing you. It will be great to see my old partner in drinking crime again. Funny, but we’re playing Nottingham and I was telling Hannah (my Kebab partner in crime) about this AMAZING kebab place Tina took us to. it was a bunch of LOVE supporters and I was starved but she knew her way around. She also knew where to get kebabs at Canterbury. So I plan to return the favor and show her and Lizzy of few of my ‘spots’ in Santa Monica when they visit in 2 weeks’ time.

Looks like Hannah is gonna continue to work in the UK until June so she won’t be coming out in Feb ( whaih!!!!!!!!! sniff sniff ) but i’ll see the girl in March,as i’ll be over for the tour plus a short stop at the Milman household to eat Mum and Dad Milman out of house and home, not to mention the pints in the fridge me and her brother Ben will consume. But i’ll make sure not to wear out my welcome. Ok, i’ll TRY….

Well, as you know, Johnny Echols is doing the tour. I can’t even put into words how much of a treat you will realize he is onstage. it goes beyond the name or legend. he’s not only an INCREDIBLE guitarist, he’s like a KID onstage! He’s all smiles and to see him and Arthur together, man, 35 years later, is a miracle of miracles, if you ask me. When we go into the solo for YOUR MIND AND WE close your eyes and see what I mean. Go Ahead…close em…and get ready.

Mike Randle


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