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The Blind Reading The Blind
May 16, 2006

Well, sorry for the time-lapse on diaries….and woe, gee, so many emails about that hilarious Mojo piece. Well, I suppose I’m better off leaving it be. “The smart ones know why” is my fave Johnny Thunders line…

Say, did anyone see that last Sopranos? Shit. That was crazy. I loved it.

It’s going to be a slice of heaven playing with Johnny again. And seeing Michael Stuart. Michael and i had a wonderful Thanksgiving chat last year and he’s just swell. And Liz Mc Kee (Bryan’s Mum) and I had the best lunch a while back… So I feel like a special “love” person! Now, i know i played with ol Artie for 13 years but having the respect of Bryan’s mum and her giving me some of his records as a gift…wow. She’s one incredibly classy lady. And she’s still a good lookin gal to boot.

I feel blessed every day.

Johnny and Large Jars have taken on a huge Mtn. and G’Bless ’em for it. Everyone wants the people who love the music to have a great time and be able to contribute to Arthur’s situation.

Someone wrote to me, “Mike, now that baby lem isn’t playing with Arthur it appears the usual characters are out to make a buck and use his name for God knows what…”

My Answer, “Well, people knew better when we were around, as they didn’t stand a chance. but that was the past.”

Well…..on a special note, JOHNNY ECHOLS AND BABY LEMONADE AT THE WHISKEY AU GOGO on June 28! Thanks to Johnny and JJ.

Mike Randle


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