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Lonely Hearts Club Band 
August 5, 2007

Well, been up to my neck in Beatles. And according to some highly placed sources, turns out flights from the UK to Milan are like 8 Quid on Ryan Air. It’s a bumpy ride but a cheap ride! So, if you wanna come out and hear Baby Lemonade and the London Sinfonietta (with special guest singers), it may be worth the trip. If Love fans did want to come out, the organizer has said to me that they could reserve a meet n’ greet area, for what it’s worth.

Ah, so some changes have happened of late. Ed is not on keys anymore and we have instead gone with L.A.’s own, Todd Jaeger. I’ll get to more on Todd in the next diary but Todd is a very talented guitarist, singer, songwriter and his band, Marizane, performs around L.A. regulary to quite enthusiastic crowds. He’s usually joined on stage by members of Wondermints/ Brian Wilson’s band (Probyn, Nelson & Nick W.), along with Debbie Shair (Heart keyboardist). So Todd has his Pop roots down pat.

Well, gotta run now as this weekend is the big ass Guitar Show at the Santa Monica Civic Center (as you may recall, Lindsay Lohan was arrested in the SMCC parking lot) so I’ll be busy busy busy.

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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