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Short Trip To England For Hannah
July 28, 2007

Well, Hannah flies out to London tomorrow (Sat) and will be in the thick of that wild British weather. And I’ll miss her madly. But she has me promising to text her when Britney or Lindsay or Nicole or Paris f*cks up and gets arrested. We’ve been married over a year now and I feel like the luckiest bloke ever.

Funny, but the night Lindsay got arrested, our housemate, Jason (the tv producer/soccer player/health nut/whiskey appreciater) heard helicopters by the police station (we are a 10 min. walk to the Santa Monica Civic Center) and laughed when I told him it was LiLo. I mention that he’d a tv producer cause he hates it when I write that. But he did those Ditech commercials so i think we should tease Jason whenever possible.

My neighbors are throwing the loudest longest party EVER as i write this. It sounds like Old Trafford. THAT’S how loud it is. The neighbors are nice, they just party a lot. And they party loud. They invited us once (actually they invited jason and forgot to tell us) and we didn’t show up (obviously) so we didn;t get invited this time round, which is fine.

Hannah and me have been in heaven of late, as the BBCA (BBC AMERICA) has been showing HOLLY-FRIGGIN-OAKS every night, 10:30 to 11pm. I know we are behind but it’s still great to catch it each night. Becca is off to jail and Justin is feeling guilty, while the 3 wacky Liverpool sisters (Carmel, Jackie, and Mercedes) are up sh*t’s creek with that hoodlum, Davie, because Carmel stole his money and had a boob job and now he’s making them pay back the 4,000 quid.

Then you have the weird family with the hubby whose wife slept with the daughter’s boyfriend and now the family is screwed up and then the dad (after kicking the mum out) has asked his ex-wife to move back in but now the youngest daughter is preggers by the school nutter who gets his ya-ya’s off stealing and joy riding cars.

And lest we forget, Foz, the art teacher who’s dating the high school girl with the terrible purple haircut, who’s hot for his nude model. Everyone’s bonkers on Hollyoaks and me and Hannah wouldn’t have it any other way. Can’t wait for the week to finish and have her back home….

All the Best,

Mike Randle

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