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Baby Lemonade Fall Uk, 2008 Tour Canceled
September 12, 2008

Hi, thanks to everyone who helped us out with this tour, whether it was passing out flyers, putting up posters, ringing up mates and getting them on board or whatever it is that you brought to the table; just know from Baby Lemonade, Glenn and the whole Love family, that your contributions shant be forgotten and is appreciated beyond words.

With a suspect economy and slow ticket sales, we were left with little choice but to cancel the tour. We promise, if at all possible, to make this up to everyone who were so wonderful and supportive.

I would have written a diary last night but I was knackered from rehearsals last night. We are gearing up for our Sept 16th show at Temple Bar in Santa Monica, and we also got the Pick Of The Week in thursday’s LA WEEKLY! There’s a nice big old pix of us with Arthur and a nice write up by James Moreland (aka Falling James).

Baby Lemonade’s Best Of will be available at the show and it should arrive to us from the pressing plant today. We have been speaking with several distributors and so it looks like the Best Of will certainly have a home in the UK in Europe mid-to-late October so look for that in stores.

Heard from Johnny Echols recently and he’s been in the studio (as usual) finishing his projects. He knows about our tour being canceled and feels the same as everyone else, as he was rooting for us as well on this one.

Well, we’ll see what the next phase will be in this never ending amazingly unpredictable, yet incredibly exciting life i lead…

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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