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The Step Father
March 17, 2008

We need a little order around here. Man, my plan was to write a Diary every week and stuff but I just get caught up and stuff and dang it’s not easy. And everything happens in March. I have so many commitments and my buddy, Jim Laspesa, is having his yearly b/day party and i’ve missed the last, like 8, and I don’t even know If i can make this one. I am actually writing this in pain, as Hannah scared me when we were walking by the beach and i got this hip-nerve thing or something but it hurts like a mofo.

Watching Rock Of Love Season 2 while I type this and my neck hurts from my continuous head turns.

Now, everyone knows i am absolutely MAD MAD MAD for LOST and the character, Locke, is the guy who played THE STEP FATHER. This film is one of the best slasher movies ever. And Hannah has never seen in and it’s only available on Amazon on VHS and we need it on DVD. Does anyone even have a copy and is it possible to put that sucker on DVD?

Terry O’Quinn is the man and if you never seen The Step Father, you should give it a good search. Well worth it. That film and Evil Dead 2 are my two fave low budget films (oh, and also Good Girls Don’t Explode).

More diaries on music stuffs when le time is right. Love fans are the best and no one knows music better or feels music more.

Mike Randle

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