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Tour’s In Full Swing
July 31, 2008

Just a note to say THANKS to everyone, your support is so important to us and we appreciate it so much! So many people have emailed and have bought tickets and this thing is really shaping up. We are preparing for our warm-up show at the Temple Bar on the 16th of Sept. This will be Baby Lemonade’s first gig in L.A. since 2001! We’ll be playing for 90+ minutes, far less than the 2+ hours in the UK!!!!

Speaking of which, our old tour manager, Bent, emailed me saying he might make a couple of shows (particularly London) so maybe we’ll see ol’ Bent. Haven’t seen him since he quit in the middle of a tour we did…i think we were in Manchester…2004. That was a tough tour…pretty much started Jan 31 and ended April 3. More than a few of us cracked on that tour.

The HTO pedal continues to do well! If you don’t have it, c’mon, support the little guy! I filmed a demo for the web but we are having trouble getting it off the old computer so we’re borrowing a flash drive and stuff. All this technology sometimes slows things down…but at the guitar shop people can try it out in person…and we now have PayPal so take your Overdrive to the next level…. www.hfxpedals.com

And lastly, the Love benefit has been postponed for now. It was a lot for all involved and it got a bit complicated. I been emailing Michael Stuart-Ware lately and he’s doing well. It would be nice to have everyone – Baby Lemonade and Love – get together again sometime like we did at the Whiskey for Arthur’s benefit show.

Well, this guitarist has to hop in the shower and get to work.

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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