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Tuesday 9/16 At The Temple Bar
September 18, 2008 (By Diane Lee)

With Diane Lee’s permission, I’m reprinting what she has on her website. (Thanks Diane!)

Last Night, Tuesday 9/16 at the Temple Bar:

By Diane Lee

By the time B.L. began to play the place was packed . The guys played their hearts out & they all looked great up there.

They opened with one of Arthur’s songs & from that moment on through-out the show I felt his presence up on that stage with them. Rusty sang & honestly I could see Arthur next to him.

In the audience when the show ended, at the front of the stage Mike introduced me to a long time fan Larry. Larry was with his daughter who also is a fan.& both had attended Arthur’s funeral services. Larry said he felt “Arthur was up there with them”. So it wasn’t just me.
During the set I smiled, didn’t feel sad. That’s another reason I know Arthur was truly there, always wanting people to be happy.

Great show & a wonderful evening for me For me the best part was hearing & seeing a live performance of LOVE’s music & so well done.
Grateful to the guys for giving those of us who were fortunate enough to be there that wonderful experience once again.

Not to overlook the inclusion in the set of some excellent Baby Lemonade songs when both Mike & Rusty sang. At the end of the show I got a new “Best of”. CD. then left feeling pretty good.

Thanks to Curtis Smooth, Arthur’s friend & a blues singer, for attending.

Mike Randle

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