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August 8 2009

As we were waiting to take the stage last night about 11pm we were told that the Red Sox/ Yankee game was scoreless and in extra innings and that people were upstairs and at the bar watching the game. So we played anyway!

And it was a fun and fantastic show, with a super enthusiastic Boston crowd. The Middle East remains one of my favorite venues and we felt real comfortable up there. Again, everyone was spot on and I think Johnny Echols as at his absolute best last night. We did a much better version of YOU SET THE SCENE as well.

All n all, another fab night had by all. Again, our set list was different from the night before so its been interesting. Well, its a day off now and Hannah is currently in Manchester visiting her Brother’s newborn, Amilia Milman! And we are heading to Vermont for a BBQ.

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Mike Randle

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