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August 17 2009

Cleveland has always been one of my favorite towns. From the people, to the bands, to the venues and even the micro breweries; It’s a place that’s got a bit of every piece of Americana. It was such a pleasant feeling to get a nice turnout (for this tour, especially) and warm reception. I only wish I could have hung out more with Fritz or Brad or Benji. Those guys are great and Fritz, thanks for the Lowenbrau! (btw, Johnny & Rusty know all the words to the Lowenbrau theme song!).

Went back to the hotel and had some beers. Probyn was a real sweetheart and went across the street and got me a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I know, that’s crap food but I had the mad mad munches. See I’d gotten sick halfway through last night’s show from food I ate at the club and thus missed half of “Signed DC” because I was puking backstage.

Probyn (an excellent guitarist in his own right) took over guitar duties until my triumphant return to the stage! We then launched into “Clark & Hilldale”, which was so much fun, and ended the show with “Seven & Seven is”. I was feeling much better and went out and thanked people for coming. Gave Hannah a call (who was dead knackered with jetlag and fading fast), as it was midnight EST.

Woke up this morning (Monday) with the kind and sweet voice of my wife. I hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks and missed her terribly. She had to get ready for work and I had to get ready to travel to DC for our final show of the tour. At the end of the day, Sod’s Law will sometime take over the driver seat and all you can do is make the best of it, enjoy yourself and enjoy the company you keep. Like Alec Baldwin says in that movie Glenn Garry Glenn Ross, “Coffee is for closers”.

Mike Randle

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