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The Fantastic Party
June 25 2009

In March 2004 I had the honor and privilege to tour the UK and Europe as a member of Love, alongside some other ‘young guns’ who were playing with Sky Saxon as the Seeds. I remember well a gig in Lyon, France, at “The Loft”, when The Seeds played a magnificent set and did what seemed like a 3 week version of Pushin Too Hard, all to the delight of the fans! Even Arthur had a grin on his face, seeing all the Frence fans dancing and having a good time. The date was March 6 and it the Seeds set was timed perfectly so that Love took the stage just as Arthur was having his birthday! Sky wished him happy Bday and I got the fans to sing “Happy Birthday” and there was just nothing but pure joy at the Loft that night. Such was the connection and bond between Arthur and Sky and their fans.

And though I write this with a super-heavy heart, I know Sky is hanging with Arthur as I write this. I even remember Arthur telling me ages ago that Sky stayed with him for a while. And it goes without saying that the Baby Lemonade/ Love family was beyond looking forward to the August shows with Sky. Sabrina, Sky and I were talking about some ideas beyond that tour, just some really cool musical ideas that were big in heart and even bigger in spirit.

Thanks Sabrina for all you did to be there for Sky and to help guide him in the musical endeavors and ideas he wanted to make happen. Sky is beyond unforgettable and he (and Arthur) are the last of their breed. As things pass on new things are born and Sky has moved to the next level and all I can do is bless him on his journey and thank everyone who has every been there or played a part in any of those special and incredible moments, like the moments i’ve witnessed.

Sky kept referring to the August tour as the “Fantastic Party” instead of the California 66 Revue tour. We would say, “Sky, it’s not called the Fantastic Party!” But see, that’s what made Sky “SKY”. Sometimes we forget that life is this fantastic party and maybe Sky was just reminding us…

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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