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“Philly get’s it’s Forever Changes alright”
October 21, 2003

Well we arrived in Philly Saturday night just in time to catch the Yankees lose a close 1st game of the world series to the hated Marlins but still had time to attack a true monster Philly burger and tackled about 5 pitchers with the boys (and girls) of this traveling band called LOVE. next morning to a walk around downtown and then Chapple and i went looking for food. passed JACK’S FIREHOUSE (Jack from ‘Grillin and Chillin’s food tv network show) on our way to the art’s musuem cafe. Chapple’s fries were cold. the waitress, “Helen” said, ‘i knew they were cold. i was just waitin for you to say sumthin'” so that was that experience. went to sound check at 3pm and kinda hung around doing nothing for the longest time while Pete and the other techs tried to fix this and that. finally did our soundcheck and then everyone went to the hotel except Dan (Trumpet), Pete and myself, who went and got chinese food. went onstage about 9:15 and rocked it good. the crowd were fun and they seemed to even dig the new tune, Rainbow in teh Storm. who knows? afterwords, Paula had a party in her hotel room so we crammed in there and made all kinda beer noise. then ana and i made a cheesestaeak run and that was hilarious…drunka nd full and stumbled back to my room around 3;30am…dead tired and happy with Philly.