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NEW YORK, NY – 1-23-2002

Jim Carroll opened the show. He recited some of his poetry and told some stories. Recorded from about 15 feet from the stage. Only 12 minutes of Carroll’s performance. Ray’s performance is complete. Ray tells stories about his life with The Doors, about Morrison. He plays piano, sings some Doors songs, and talks about his new book “The Poet In Exile”. This is a very intimate and intriguing solo performance.


Jim Carroll Poetry Readings Performance (incomplete)

1. Jim Carroll Poetry Readings
2. Jukebox (Carroll & Manzarek)
3. Dance Floor (Carroll & Manzarek)

Ray Manzarek Performance

4. Poet In Exile
5. Enlightenment/Current State Of Music
6. Riders On The Storm
7. Substances – Breaking On Through – The Great Nightclub In The Sky
8. The Crystal Ship
9. How Ray & Jim Met


1. Ray & Jim On Venice Beach
2. Moonlight Drive/Horse Latitudes
3. Summer’s Almost Gone
4. Jim Living With Ray – Meeting Robby & John – Bottleneck Guitar – The End
5. Ray & John’s Love Of Jazz
6. Questions & Answer Session
7. Light My Fire