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“Somewhere there’s a drink with my name on it (revisited)”
June 24, 2003

It’s 11:30pm on a monday night and i got fed up with the Giants/Dodgers game (that’s right; they’re at it again,but this time in SF instead of LA) so I took a walk out in the cool night and thought about Glastonbury and how many people are gonna be there and how huge the thing is. But I didn’t get nervous. Don’t know why. I get this feeling that the people out there want to hear the best music possible and have the greatest time. We’re gonna try to give them both, God willing.

Tomorrow is the last rehearsal and then we fly to London on thursday, are met by a driver who takes us to Bath (where our hotel is) and we chill/sleep/kick it that friday night (you lose a day of course flying west-east) at the hotel. If there’s a pub nearby, I may go out. If Scottish Keith is around I’m sure I’ll hit a pub or two or three. Now, if barry was around, nothing would be safe with the three of us at a bar! An Irishman, a Scotsman and a Yankee; what could be worse?!?!

I am afraid to look at the score of the game so I’ll simply keep typing. My oh my, I am certainly looking forward to seeing some of the more high profile LOVE

Supporters like John E, Lizzy B, Caryne, Mel Spice (aka-Mel Cicero), North London Hilary, Brummy Lisa, Mike “Dukie” Anderson,, David Housden, Scottish Keith, Scottish Paul, Suzy Su and what would ANYTHING be like without Southern Hemi Martyn; the man from the bottom of the world.

Guess what? Kose can’t make this trip! We are all sooooo majorly disappointed.

So I guess no “party on the hotel” this time around, huh? Well, we’ll have to make alternate plans I suppose…

Well, it is midnite now. Lord knows who won the game anyhow. All I know is there’s a shot of Bushmills calling my name right about now.