logo the freedom man

Imperial College Great Hall, London. England
May 12 1972. Complete show

2 CD

Taken from the original tape which was circulating during the late seventies.This is not the one that is circulating with the 83:47 minutes! This one is 90:07.

(Timings are taken from the actual tape)

Side One: 53.30

Tuning up/Intro 2.09
Tightrope ride 3.41
Eye of the sun 5.44
Ray talking 1.24
I’m Horny I’m stoned 5.23
Tuning up/Intro band/In tune 2.1
Love me two times 5.23
Robby/Ray technical difficulties 1.16
Verdillac 7.16
Ray talking about the new album, Reading tomorrow then L.A. 1.01
Intro 5.35
Close to you 0.54
talk, Ship w/sails 11.27

Side Two: 36.37 minutes

Thank you, guitar and piano tuning 1.24
Good Rockin’ 5.16
Foot stamping/Cheering/break in tape/intro- going to play a new one, you know a new one 2.20
Light my fire 11.10
Foot stamping/thank you’s/ Bobby Ray 2.41
Mosquito/let’s be free/Mosquito 1.44
Hoochie Koochie Man/thank you people thank you London 11.37
Hoochie Koochie Man/Close to you /applause 0.25