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The Best & The rest of Jimi Hendrix

1 cd

—1 > Redhouse
—2 > Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead
—3 > Bleeding Heart
—4 > Walk Right/Always See Your Face
—5 > Morrison”s Lament
—6 > Tomorrow Never Knows
—7 > Uranus Rock
—8 > Outside Woman Blues
—9 > Sunshine Of Your Love

Recorded live at The Scene Club sometime in ’68 (NY), it immortalizes an impromptu jam occurring when a whiskey-blitzed Jim Morrison stumbled on stage during Jimi’s performance. The result was “Morrison’s Lament”, a stream of comically inept obscene rambling and frightfully bad harmonica playing (Jimmy!), ending when Morrison reportedly knocked over Hendrix’s mic stand and returned to the audience. Hmmm…