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Long Beach Sports Arena Feb. 2 1970. (2)

audio cd 1>73:12 audio cd2>54:07 sound 7

1 >Roadhouse Blues
2 >Alabama Song
3 >Back Door Man
4 >Five To One
5 >Ship Of Fools
6 >When The Music’s Over
7 >The Spy
8 >Break On Through
9 >Peace Frog
10 >Blue Sunday
11 >Petition The Lord/Light My Fire
12 >Soul Kitchen

1 >Love Me Two Times
2 >Maggie M’Gill
3 >Ship Of Fools (should be Universal Mind, but this is on the Long Beach (1) source)
4 >The End. Heavily cut, taken from another source.

Special on this cd is the Morrison Radio Obituary. 5 different Radion pieces about Jim’s Death.