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The Lost Paris Tapes

1 CD
The private Tapes Of James Douglas Morrison
(March 1969 and June 1971) Jomo 3.5471.1, Canada 1994

1 > Jim Morrison Poetry Session: Far Arden: Radio Dark Night (take1) / Radio Dark Night
(take2)/A Vast Radiant Beach(awake)/Moonshine Night/Frozen Moment By A Lake
/Bird Of Prey/Dawn’s Hwy/Under Waterfall/The Hitchhiker/Winter Photography/
Whiskey, Mystic’s And Men/Orange County Suite/All Hail The American Night/
Far Arden Poem/Texas Radio and The big Beat#1 (Letter From Shirley) TALES
FROM THE AMERICAN NIGHT: The American Night/The Holy Sha/Hitler/Latino
Chrome/To Come Of Age-Black Polished Chrome/Search On, Man/Indian, Indian
(Sirens And Horns Honking)/Woman In The Window/A Vision Of America: From
The Book Of Days-A Vision Of America-Motel, Money, Murder, Madness/Earth, Air
Fire, Water/Discovery(Angels And Sailors)/Now Listen To This(Texas Radio And
The Big Beat#2)/Stoned Immaculate/White Blind Light(Thank You, O Lord)

2 > Last Recording Session.

1 Jim Morrison’s first Poetry session March 1969 LA Sunset Studios
3 Jim’s last recording, together with two unknown musicians, Paris, June 1971