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“35 days till blast off!”
December 4, 2002

Well, let’s see, it’s exactly 5 weeks before we fly to London! Everyone is very excited in what is gonna be a truly memorable tour! Management are in the process of putting a wonderful (collectible) tour program together and the band are in the process of putting a wonderful show together. I want to apologize to our friends on the continent that the tour won’t be swinging your way this winter; we try our best to hit all the spots within reason and possibilities, but it really comes down to logistics more than anything else.

On a different note, the Baby Lemonade website is near completion and we’ll let you know the minute construction is done and the site is viewable, including the venue and exact dates for a Baby Lemonade 2003 mini-spring tour of the UK with York’s THE HALCYON BAND, who are in playing London on the 11th (see flyer) so, get yer butt to the show and hear a great friggin band. If i had to describe their music, i’d say it reminds me of the Kinks meets Echo and the Bunnymen meets The Lemonheads. How’s that?

I’m keeping this diary short, as I am still resting the ankle, enjoying the Sopranos, still rooting for the 49ers, and lost $20 bet…

Mike Randle


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