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“Forever Changes… hut hut Hike!”
December 1, 2002

I just got e-mailed the official NFL (National Footbal League) schedule (or, as the brits pronounce it,”Shejewell”) and it turns out that the 3 days I really wanted to have off for the playoffs, the 12th, 19th and 26th, are ALL DAYS OFF, with the SUPERBOWL on the 26th of January! Can you believe my luck er what?

Now, I think the first day off is in London. The second is in Manchester (or is that Brighton?) I plan to sightsee with my pal, Natasha, in Manchester the day after the show but that night Keith Stodart, Paul Barr and I were planning on getting out of our tree. With this added news of the playoffs, I hope I can get them to go along with my NFL plans. I know Keith appreciates American football (Yo Keith, I took the 11 pts. and N. Dame against USC in tonight’s game…pass the cigars baby, I’m buying…will post up after the game and let you know the score…but you’ll no doubt be crashed out, as you UK folk are like 8 hours ahead )

Assuming Keith picks out a decent (and nearby pub that has the class and balls to show an NFL game at 11pm) spot, feel free to come and join us on superbowl Sunday, whoever and wherever you are…with tomorrow being December 1, that would mean exactly 5 weeks left in Los Angeles before the cold UK winter…but I bought a really nice winter coat so I dare it to snow. And, ok, you are probably wondering what I thought of that interesting gig at BB KING’S joint at the Universal City walk….

Anyone ever see that Steven Spielberg film, A.I.? Remember how that City looked that Jude Law took the little kid to? That’s EXACTLY the way the City walk looks. When I was a kid, all that was there was the Universal Amphitheater and Universal Studios. Now they have a subway that runs to the place! The place is as plastic and phony looking as a wet t-shirt contest at Venice Beach (but not half as fun…)….

Now, I already blew off steam on the LOVE messageboard and even ventured onto Torben’s messageboard for the first time (what’s up with all them pop-up adds???)so there’s no point in adding more except to say I am doing better and iIm resting the ankle, although both Knees and a shin are briused as well. What I do want to say is that I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season and would like to refleck on how much we all are enjoying playing this great music for each and every one of you. Of course, I could have gone the negative route and called this diary, “DUDE, WHERE’S ME SONGS?” about Leon’s set. But, aside from all the negative words said about Leon Hendrix’s band (I don’t hink they’ve been together long as a group so you might want to cut them some slack), Leon is a very nice person and one could only imagine how difficult it must be being the younger brother (and being a guitarist) of the greatest guitar genius/pioneer that rock has ever known.

Mike Randle


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