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“All we know is the yellow line & the Cracker Barrell”
July 20 2002

Anyone who’s ever driven across the USA knows EXACTLY what I mean! But it’s 4 days before we take off for San Francisco and it will be nice not to fly so much, although I was sort of getting used to those 45 min to 90 min flights around Europe. But now we’ll be traveling through the good ol USA and of course one of our main priorities is to hit every CRACKER BARRELL possible. Those of you not lucky enough to sample their delicious and affordable grub, go find their website. They’re everywhere (except on the east and west coasts of the united states), but mostly in the mid and southwest states. We highly recommend it but, don’t take our word for it. Johnny Ramone recently said in an interview that CRACKER BARRELL is all they ate when they toured. So check it out sometime. “Ask for the ‘Uncle Hershel,'” says LOVE’s skin pounder, David “Daddyo Green”, referring to CRACKER BARRELL’s world famous catfish breakfast. So pullover if your’re on the road. Watch out for those Geriatric sundays (or you’ll be waiting forever for a table) and don’t forget to tip your waiter/waitress.

Talked to Mr. Lee this morning and he’s as ready as anyone to get this show on the road. Aslo talked to Gene (in Sweden) who’s flying out to the San Francisco show so that’ll be great to see Big Daddy again after his well deserved holidays in Spain. Daddyo got in some fishing this morning so I may make my way around his house for some fresh fish…yummy. We’ve added some more songs to the set list and all I can say is Ainsley, Scully and Dukie in the UK will be very happy. I think Arthur may have gotten sick of them yelling songs out at various shows! But I will say this; 2 of the songs that Scully personally asked for, we’ll be doing. The others I think the fans will really be happy to hear and one in particular, people will be very surprised to hear. Change that to EXTREMELY surprised to hear. As a matter of fact, Gene and Bent got us a rehearsal studio in Copenhagen where we rehearsed for the Roskilde show and we (the band) started playing a song (that shall go unamed, sorry) and Arthur walked up and sang it ina voice so beautiful and so heavenly, it brought a the biggest smiles to all our faces. That was a special day. plus Francesca (Gen’s 8 year old) was opening beers for us with a bottle opener. She must have been the youngest bartender in Denmark. Don’t tell Mrs.Kraut, whatever you do…

well, I need to practice the guitar some more. Funny, but I was having coffee this morning (I woke u at 6:30 so I decided to go and read the paper) and a nice woman named, Margeret, said “I really like your band.” I said excuse me to her cause I wasn’t sure if she had mistaken me for someone else. but she said she had been at the Knitting factory show and loved it and asked when we were playing again in Los Angeles. I told her thanks for the compliment and that she oughta go to the website and sign up with the red telephone. As a matter of fact, anyone who does not get the sevenandsevenis2002 NEWSLETTER need only e-mail redtelphone@lovewitharthurlee.com and you shall truly be in the know, but maybe not as much in the know as JAZMAAN, but close!

Mike Randle


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