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Mike Randle


“I’ve Been Here Once……….”
July 23 2002

At the moment, it’s 11pm on a very cool, breezy Santa Monica night. We set off early tomorrow for San Francisco to play Bimbos on Columbus street. The weather in California all the way up to Seattle has been nice so this should be a fun little ride.

It should be interesting to see what the USA crowds will be like, especially after playing in Europe to such enthusiastic fans. But I don’t think my fellow Americans will let me down; it’s been a while since Arthur Lee has played these places and I think people will be pleasantly surprised. Anyone who shows up thinking they’re going to see an “old man” and a bunch of young guys is in for a surprise. Arthur shows up to rock and doesn’t leave until you know there’s nothing left. That’s what we do. And we love it!

This is so fun and part of it is what every fan brings to the show. And that’s what makes it so memorable. So, it’s lights out for now, and tomorrow we hit the city by the bay.

Mike Randle


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