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…And Arthur Lee On The Sing! –Including photo’s–
May 29 2002

It is about 2:30 in the afternoon on a very nice and breezy Barcelona day. I just ate a delicious enchilada and Chapple, Rusty and daddyo all had a Cervesa as well as me. we finally got to our hotel after a 2 hour flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. we were met at the airport by the spanish promoter (forget her name…) and driven to our hotel a block from the venue we are playing tonight. the club is called BIKINI. Barcelona is really beautiful. I have been to Madrid before but never near the mediteranean sea so this is quite wonderful. I am little hungover from last night. after the show, everyone else went back to the hotel but my dumbass wanted to walk around Amsterdam at 1am. BIG MISTAKE. first off, this guy (we will call him JAN, to protect the innocent) recognises me and demands to buy me a drink, ok? so we start walking around but a lot of bars are closing because it is only a wed nite, right? but we find an after hours joint and it is pretty cool and stuff. so he buys me beers and then he rolls a fatty, ok? so i am thinking to myself, i say,”self, you have a 8am flight tomorrow. dont do it.” of course i do it and we do another as well. so the next thing i know, its 3:30 am and i am stubling to my hotel lobby and the guy at the front, the smart ass, says,” you are in the band. i will call you in 3 hours for a wake up” and then he starts laughing at me!!!

So I dive into bed and the next thing I know, rusty is banging on my door. BUMP BUMP BUMP!!! say, what is the problem…I am thinking. (this keyboard does not have an apostrophe, so bare with my english!) and he says GENE SAYS COME TO THE LOBBY NOW. we are going to the airport. didnt you get the wake up call? wake up call? huh? Boy, i thought i was still dreaming…until i stood up…then it was obvious I wasnt dreaming!!!! so we caught our flight and all was ok and I feel a little better now…but the show last night is a different story…

…because this is the show (in Amsterdams MELKWEG) that I personally feel is the best show we have played thus far, even better than the knitting factory. arthur seems to agree with me but everyone else in the group disagrees. actually, Ed (freedom man) was there when Gene said he liked the show but thought it was a little “rough” and i said, no way dude (totally LA, huh?), we rocked…i thoguht the show last night was far and away the best live gig i have ever been apart of. I felt it was better than the knitting factory and oslo and goteberg. now, mind you, the crowd wasnt even close to being as rowdy adn energectic as teh forementioned cities, but this show just seemed very special. sound check sounded really great, and thats always a good indication. see, the people hear what the house sound engineer puts throught the sound system. we dont really hear that (unless there are only 5 people there!). what we hear is the monitor mix, which helps spread the stage volume evenly so the sound is clear for us but not too loud (sorry, its always too loud!) well, the proffessional folks at the Melkweg did a wonderful job. a few more fans came up and mentioned the diary and Jean-Marie was there again with his wife! such great people! and Ed bought us a round! we all (arthur as well) sign a LOVE one of a kind t-shirt for the contest winner on Ed’s site. since no one can seem to get the “Stephanie” question maybe Ed and i will change it. Its a little tough!

Well, sound check is in about an hour so i am gonna try to nap and shower before i walk over. but i will leave you with this; one very special moment last night happened at the show. Arthur introduced each band memeber. and, after he said my name, a very tatooed woman in the front row yelled out very loudly,” …AND ARTHUR LEE ON THE SING!!!!!”. and if she’s reading this, I know you stole my set list! dont try to deny it!

Tomorrow, Valencia, Spain!

Mike Randle


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