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Utrecht Rocks! May 28 2002 – Including photos –
The Freedom Man’s Review

Right now, I’m in an Amsterdam cafe, which is slightly filled with a marijuana stench (at least in the front part). We just drove here from Utrecht, the other dutch city (about 40 min away) that we played last night. I thought it was a really good show, better than berlin in my opinion (sorry Deutschland!), but the crowd was very “dutch” but I don’t mean that in a bad way. quite of bit of “weed” in the air and people just mellowed out. But by the last 3 or 4 songs, they were going quite wild. I actually got to meet Ed (the freedom man!) and his lovely wife, who actually presented arthur with a beautiful new set of maracas as a gift from both of them! Thanks! and later, after the show, Arthur was talking to her young son and it was really cool to see this 8-year-old kid among all that rock and roll! But he had no school today so don’t think of Ed as a bad guy! I chatted with him and we all took some pix later and he bought me the Heineken he’d been promising me! and it was quite tasty! But I must say the beer in berlin was tops so far (although Copenhagen wasn’t exactly chopped liver either!

But the club was packed and actually all the clubs we’ve played on this tour, with the exception of Odense, has been either packed, almost packed or sold out. The club chef made us a delicious meal, some sort of Indonesian meal with fish and fruits and curry…very tasty. When we were at soundcheck, Dave Chapple reached in his pocket and realized he had keys from the previous nights’ hotel! and this happens every other day! He forgets to give the keys back so you can imagine his collection up to this point!

Also in the crowd was a very nice french fellow named Jean-Marie. He and his wife came over from France and plan to come tonight as well. they also have tix to several English shows as well! and, get this: they came to the garage and powerhaus shows in ’96? ain’t that somethin, huh?

Well, I gotta go sound check… more later tonight, after the show!

Mike Randle

The Freedom Man’s Review of the Love Concerts in Utrecht & Amsterdam

As you all know Mike Randle is writing his Diary on my website. This week we got to meet eachother for the first time…….

“Ed, can you get Arthur some Maracas”, cause the ones he had got stolen a few days ago! Mike wrote me this 1 day before Utrecht. Ok, No problem, I answered, I’ll get the Maracas! I have to get Maracas… I thought. I was sure that I didn’t have time the next day to go into town and buy them! My wife was out with a friend, so I had to wait till she came home, and then I could ask her. Huh.., I said, we have to get Arthur Lee maracas, I tried to say very cool while trying to keep my big smile hidden. Ok, she said no problem, I’ll get into town and buy them! Few…
Man, I felt really proud knowing Arthur would be using the maracas we bought him.

So that evening we went to Utrecht, My wife Sam, my son Morrison, and me. Just before the show Arthur and the band came in.I picked up the maracas and hurried up to Mike.
Hi Mike, I’m Ed, I said.Hey.The Freedom Man he said. Did you get the maracas? Yep, and I handed them over to Mike. I didn’t want to put them on stage, cause maybe they could get stolen again. (Like the setlist yesterday in Amsterdam. I was standing behind the girl who took it. So Mike you are right, it was the right girl who stole the list)

And then Showtime, Man I can’t remember being so nervous, which I had been all day long.
They started with My Little Red Book, and then Orange Skies, with Arthur Lee using our Maracas!
The show was amazing and the crowd was wild. Arthur’s voice is incredibly good and together with the band, it became one universe!

After the show, I talked a bit with Arthur and got his autograph ‘n all. While I was talking with Mike I saw Arthur wandering around. Then he saw my wife and son sitting. He came over and had a little talk.I felt proud that this man was taking some time for my son. He’s only 8 years of age but really likes the music of LOVE. So later my wife took a picture of my son Arthur and me. I think it is a great thing experience for my son. And he knows, he also felt the magic of Arthur. Thanks again, Arthur.

The next day the show was in Amsterdam, I went with a friend. This time the crowd was much more quiet. Only a few people in the front were dancing. The rest realized they saw the best show of their lives!!!
After the show, I got the T-shirt from Mike, from the contest that we are doing on my website. It’s a really great shirt and everybody signed it, also Arthur did. So somewhere on this planet, there is this lucky person who will win this great item!!

In Utrecht, I forgot (of course, I was too nervous) to take some LOVE albums, but this time I took them along, and now they are signed by Arthur.
Man, I still am in another world. I envy those people who still have to go and see the show. So please call, write everybody you know, to come and see the show, cause your life will be forever changed Andmoreagain…..

All The Best,
Ed, The Freedom Man.

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