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“Auld lang Syne”
Dec 31, 2002

Well, as I write this last diary of 2002, I would like to raise a toast to Several people who helped make Arthur’s release from prison, not only a miracle but an amazing and way overdue comeback with way overdue recognition from the highest of orders.

Arthur’s Atty., William Genego was relentless in his defense and belief in Arthur’s innocence.

The circuit appeals court in California. They realised the whole case was a sham and overturned it rightfully. Unfortunately, this took over 5 years.

David Housden for never giving up on LOVE, spending endless (and thankless) hours and money keeping the CASTLE afloat and the subscriptions in the mail. He sent Mr. Lee every copy and he read them all. it was a delight to see the two men meet FOR THE FIRST TIME this summer at Queen Elizabeth Hall, in London.

Gene Kraut for coming back to the fort and for being crazy enough to believe we could take F.C. on the road and devoting incredible amounts of time (not to mention money) to this cause …..and to his family for putting up with it!

To Jazmaan for ALWAYS being there and being a true friend to all, especially to the man himself, Mr. Lee.

To the guys in the band, Rusty, Chapple, and Daddyo for giving 100% every day and every night and for putting everything in their lives on hold, so that we could try one more time to truly make LOVE a household name.

And thanks to Ringo, Glenn Max, Glenn Povey, Traci, Natalie, Alexa, Rita, Bent, Kose, Pete Magdaleno, Harvette, Freedom Man, Torben Skott, and YOU, every time you go to a show, the site, read the diaries or just plain listen to the music; happy new year to each and every one of you, good health and nothing but good times…

Mike Randle


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