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“Notes to myself…”
January 7, 2003

I’m so terrible at getting my shit together before I take a trip and this trip is no exception. I guess I’m just so “last minute” on everything…I really oughta stop cause it drives me crazy, as you can imagine (note to myself: STOP GOING CRAZY). But I promise that as soon as I finish this Diary, I’m gonna go pack, ok?

So it’s about 24 hours before the long lines at LAX airport and all the anti-terrorist searching to prevent any problems. Hopefully, British Airlines won’t steal anything out of my luggage. Actually, it’s their LAX employees that most concern me! But all my cell phone accessories were stolen when I flew Virgin from LAX and I filed out the paperwork and everything and still, no one called me or wrote me or e-mailed me or even acknowledged that I exist! And I mailed it all the way to London! (note to myself: STOP BY VIRGIN’S MANAGEMENT COUNTER!)

So, my buddies Keith and Natasha have both informed me that it’s colder than a witches nipple so I got a nice winter coat and winter hat just for the occasion. Can’t fine my gloves (note to myself: FIND GLOVES) so I may have to keep em in my pockets. I just hope it ain’t raining all the time. I especially found Brighton such a beautiful town but it rained pretty much the whole time. And as cold and rainy as it was, young women still walked around on Saturday night with NEXT TO nothing on…

I have been very lucky enough to have an advanced copy of Jay Donnellan’s new self-released CD, “This Island Earth”, which I would describe (from only 3 listens) as a 13-song-near hour, jazzy-folky-rock-funky record with some classic “Jay” guitar runs and a soulful voice that fits right in this record like a hand in glove. In a way, this record is like a sort of soundtrack for the planet. The guitar solo in “I Will Walk” kicks ass in a way BB KING would certainly enjoy. (note to myself: GET SOME LESSONS FROM JAY!!!!!)

I guess you can tell I REALLY dig this record, huh? That’s because I enjoy listening to it so much. Although you can sense there was hard work put into this project, it comes off to me like it was a fun labour of love. There are some amazing acoustic guitar things as well as nice percussive adventures and melodies in every nook and cranny (say, I should write for the NME!) Although Jay’s record won’t be available from WWW.CDBABY.COM for another few weeks (his name appears as “James J Donnellan”, by the way), I couldn’t keep it a secret (sorry Jay!) and I think if you are like me, which means you LOVE to discover great new music, then you’ll know it’s well worth the wait. Break out the Brandy Sniffers, call in sick to work, start the weekend early and raise a toast to the hopeless romantics of the world… (note to yourselves: BUY “THIS ISLAND EARTH” AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!)

Mike Randle


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