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“Day 13: Cleveland Rocks”
August 5 2002

MAN, ARE WE COOL OR WHAT? This USA tour has not only shown us how dedicated and great LOVE fans are but the best of the best have come out to see us and we really feel good that people think we’re doing a nice job. Tonight, after the show, Doug, from Guided By Voices, chilled with us and since I think their records are some of the most musically intersting records going, I was quite happy to hear his take on the sound of the band and my guitar playing (since it was complimentary!)

But anyways, Cleveland was 120% great to us and rivalled London as the city with the best and most chilled/revered LOVE Fans. Really nice people bought us drinks and this awesomely great couple, Mr. an Mrs. Tom Sailor (ok, Kristian and Tom…) bought some beers and followed us back to our hotel to hang out and talk about music and football. Al in all , it was a very memorable night. Also, 4 people from the Rock n roll hall of fame (it’s in Cleveland, duh?) came down to see the show and, from all accounts, loved it. The folks that ran the club and worked their, Frank, Cindy, Dylan and the rest of the posse could not have been more helpful if they tried.

Also I should mention that our hotel in Detroit, the Ambassador downtown, was a really nice hotel but had no food. But they seemed quite efficient. The hotel here in Cleveland ain’t bad and it has an indoor pool, which I shall take advantage of tomorrow afternoon after I have lunch. And my damn cell, for some reason, didn’t work today in Ohio but now it al of a sudden works. What’s up with that?


Mike Randle


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