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Mike Randle


“Day 12: Motor City rocks like it’s no tomorrow”
August 4 2002

I got in so late sat. night that I forgot to write the diary! Damn, my bad. We went on at the Magic Stick in Detriot, Michigan (aka, the Motor City, aka, The home of MOTOWN, IGGY POP, the MC5, to name a few…) around 11:30 and played a show that rivelled Chicago. The crowd was really great and Jack and Meg from the white stripes were right up front rocking out and at one point, a band member handed her a tamborine and she jammed HOUSE IS NOT A MOTEL and SINGING COWBOY with us.

All n all, it was a really fun show. The people who worked at the club were real nice people. Also, a funny point worth mentioning; Paul Westerberg played right next door and his set ended before ours started. I wonder if he saw the show? Well, Cleveland is tomorow night (actually tonight, but I am trying to maintain my perspective, ok?) Cheers!

Mike Randle


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