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Mike Randle


“Day 15; Can’t believe I ate all those Buffalo Wings…”
August 7 2002

Ok, so we rolled out of Cleveland around noon and got to Buffalo about…oh, say, around 3:30pm. Checked into our hotel, which just HAPPENED to be next door to a HOOTERS. Well, I’m quite partial to the HOOTER wings so whenever I’m in a city and near a HOOTERS I usually try them out (it has nothing to do with the skimpy outfits and big racks the women sport, ok?) and I usually get it extra hot. But, after sound check, I convinced the guys to go over with me for dinner ut everything took too long and Gene didn’t like the wings and Chapple didn’t get his fries and it just didn’t work out right.

But on a better note, the Buffalo show was a success, even on short notice. Quite a few people actually drove from Toronto to Buffalo for the show…which goes to show you that our Canadian brothers and sisters up north are not so bad afterall, right? Hey, we straight rocked and it was a really fun time.

Afterwards, Tom Sailor, our pal from Cleveland, drove out plus Chris from Toronto and Fritz came…so people were representing. Thank you and especially thanks to the nice and kind compliments people have passed our way about the band, or even an individual.

Can’t say thank you enough, Buffalo. Thank you for showing up.

Mike Randle


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